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Beautycounter Favorites

You may or may not already know but I am a Beautycounter consultant! Both my mom and I have been using their products for years now. I especially love their skincare  products. All in all my skin is pretty normal but this time of year I do like to double down on moisturizing. Their site wide black Friday sale starts today, it’s 20% or 30% off everything depending on how much you spend and runs through 11/28. I will be stocking up on my favorites and should you place an order, you can choose me as your consultant at checkout!





All Bright C Serum- This is hands down one of my most used and loved products. It helps brighten and even out your skin tone. I use it every morning before applying the Soft Cream. I used to use Marie Veronique’s retinol but this is a comparable product and I feel like it’s much gentler. 

Antioxidant Soft Cream I use this in the morning after applying the C serum. It’s a lot lighter than the moisturizer I use at night. Where as the C Serum feels more like a mask, this one feels really silky. 

Ultra Renewal Eye Cream I love this eye cream. I use it twice a day, once in the morning after the C Serum and Soft Cream and then again at night after the Radiance Serum and Supreme Cream. It’s silky like the Soft Cream and helps brighten the eye area. 

Tripeptide Radiance Serum I use this at night after washing my face. It’s really light weight and helps with improving skin elasticity, texture and the ability to hold moisture. I’ll let you guess what I put on then next…

Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream I love the weight of this cream. It’s thick but still smooth for deeply hydrating skin before hitting the hay. It never feels heavy or like I have something on my face. 

Plumping Facial Oil One or twice a week I will use this oil in place of the supreme cream. It feels dreamy on your skin and never oily. 

All Brightening Facial Oil- This is the other oil I really like. If I’m not going to wear any make-up, I will use this in place of the Bright C Serum for a healthy, glowing look. 

Refresh Foaming Cleanser- I like this as my daily cleanser. It’s lightweight and leaves your face feeling smooth and clean. It also does a really good job getting eye make-up off which I really appreciate because I don’t like using eye make-up remover. I’ve tried their oil cleanser but I prefer this one!

Charcoal Facial Mask I’m obsessed with this face mask, I use it weekly to help keep my pores clean. It’s thick and also has some mint in it for a skin tightening feel. It can be really messy so I usually wear my robe when I use it so that I don’t ruin any of my clothes!

Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Mask- I rotate between this mask and the Charcoal one. This one has little beads in it to help exfoliate your skin. It leaves your skin feeling so soft! 

Mineral Sunscreen- I count on this and the Daily Sheer Defense For Face when doing any outdoor activities. I always make sure to apply this before going on a hike or walk. Unlike some other clean sunscreen’s, this goes on pretty smoothly, especially the face one. Some of them out there can be so thick and annoying to rub in!

Sugarbuff Body Polish- This is such a treat! I love taking baths and using this to scrub my body while I relax. It’s scented with a light lemongrass and smells so refreshing. Not to mention the packaging is really pretty too.

Melting Body Balm- After I get out of my baths, I use this little luxury. It comes out thick, you warm it in your hands by rubbing them and then it turns to an oil to rub all over your body. It smells like a buttery coconut which I think is the perfect scent to take with you to bed.



Brilliant Brow Gel  Hands down one of my all time favorite beauty products! I wish I didn’t over pluck my eyebrows back in the day because I love a full brow look these days. This really helps to make your browns bold and even. It comes in four different colors. I like the medium for every day and the dark for going out. The consistency of it makes it easy to put on too without it getting too clumpy. 

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer-  This is the first Beautycounter product I tried. I fell in love with how natural it looks and how easy it is to put on with your hands. It gives you a little color and coverage without looking like you have anything on. I use shade number 3. It also has SPF 20 in it so it’s great for everyday wear. 

Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation-  On days that I want a little more coverage, I use this instead of the Dew Skin. It’s still pretty easy to put on with your fingers and gives really great coverage. I like that it goes on moothly and doesn’t get cakey like some other clean brands I’ve tried. Shade 310 is the one I use.

Lip Conditioner In Peppermint Ever since I’ve been doing SmileDirect, my lips have been extra chapped from my aligners. I swear this lip conditioner does the best job at hydrating lips. 

Beyond Gloss- I really like using this as my daily lip go-to during the day as the colors are subtle. But consider yourself warned, the tube can get leak and get a little messy so I avoid putting it in my purse so that I don’t accidentally stain the lining. My favorite colors are Dahlia and Clove.


Other Beautycounter products I’ve tried and don’t love as much as other clean brands are the deodorant (I’m a Tom’s gal but I know it’s not for everyone!), the cheeky cream blush (this is good for a natural look but doesn’t have a lot of pigment), and the Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil (this leave my face feeling a little oily and I don’t think it’s worth the price).