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Holiday 2024 Gift Guide

Sezane plaid scarf
OBSSESSED with this beauty. Comes in a bunch of colorways.
Cuyana Make-up Totes
The perfect gift under $200. I personally have these and they've held up so well over the years!
Cashmere oversized scarf from J.Crew
I have this in charoacl and it's like a big blanket. Thoughtful for anyone that lives in a chilly location.
Pamelo Mugs
Such a cute gift! Under $50 for a set of two.
J.Crew Marled Camp Socks
Oh the J.crew marled camp socks, I live in these things!
Olive & June Nail Polish
Favorite clean nail polish. This is my favorite color but they have tons to choose from.
Summer Fridays Lip Gloss
Love how long and sleek the tube is, so chic on your desk!
Grown Alchemist Hand Cream
Prettiest hand cream tube, meant for being seen.
Guaranteed clean! Also smells so faintly good.
The perfect luxe gift under $30. I LOVE how this smells like vacation.
Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket
My all time favorite self-care tool, the infrared sauna blanket. Use code: JILLIANBREMER for 15% off your order!
Boncharge infrared sauna mask
My second all time favorite self-care tool, the infrared face mask. Use code: JILLIANBREMER for 15% off your order!
Uniglo White Tee Shirt
Best $15 white tee around! It's a big structured and feels luxe.
If you're going to splurge, someone will be SO happy to receive this cozy cocoon cardi. Just be sure to size down.
J.crew Lightweight Cashmere Sweater
A lightweight Cashmere sweater is a good idea for young and old!
These are my favorite glass storage cases for jewelry. I like to put them on my dresser.
My personal favorite pair of Uggs, love the fluff.
Promise this is so cute when all your favorite belts are in it.
The Creative Act
The perfect gift for any creative in your life!
Gift a 90 minute Human Design, Enneagram, Gene Keys reading with me!
Another fantastic read for new creatives!
Best jewelry travel case out there, the roll!
This is on my list!
Pomelo Casa blue pitcher
Comes in a bunch of colors.
Scalloped Coasters
These coaster bring me so much joy in my living room and office every day.
Washable Sleep Mask
Always on hand for deep meditations.
Gratitude Journal
Prettiest gratitude journal, comes in a lot of colors.
A beautiful coffee table book full of Karl Lagerfeld's work.