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May 2023 Love Notes

Antique walnut curio cabinet with scalloped legs and rounded glass
Take a step into my San Francisco apartment, it’s my happy place! Filled with beautiful light and so many special pieces that I’ve found along my vintage hunts. I can’t believe I’ve lived in this place for ten years. It’s taken on so many different aesthetics as I continue to get to know myself, each one feeling a little closer to home. 
I recently unblocked this thought, that I had to love everything about my style before I could share it. The truth is, as a 3/5 human design manifesting generator, my life will always be a work in progress and I love it that way. I’ve been making peace with my not always so polished process over here. If antiques have taught me anything, it’s that having character is what makes something uniquely beautiful. 
This month I bought and sold a handful of things on Facebook Marketplace including this sweet walnut curio cabinet that I imagine filled to the brim with vases, linens and other special items that bring joy. Now it’s time to fill it up!
Mom and I at Golden Gate Fields for the Kentucky Derby
The beautiful Flower's Winery in Healdsburg
Mom and I at Flower's Winery
I had the pleasure of hosting my mom and step-dad for a long weekend earlier this month and it was so special. We did so many fun things around the bay, like a trip to Flowers Winery to taste my mom’s favorite wines, an overnight stay at Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort in Calistoga for mud baths and a dip in the hot springs, an afternoon antiquing in Petaluma and a trip to Golden Gate Fields for the Kentucky Derby. I’m so thankful for their desire and ability to experience life. It reminded me of my love for life and planning special adventures.
But to be honest, my favorite parts were our morning walks for coffee, ordering takeout and watching movies together. If you haven’t seen the Elvis movie, wow. So much appreciation for the history of his style. I’ve been listening to him on Spotify non-stop this month! 
Color analysis
I have 10 coaching clients all over the world that I meet with virtually either on a weekly, bi-weekly,  monthly or quarterly basis. At some point they usually pass through San Francisco and I’m honored to spend extra time with them in person. 
I’ve been supporting Alex of Signature Style both personally and professionally, for almost two years and we finally had the opportunity to meet this month. Finally getting to hug her was just the best!
She is a stylist in Pittsburgh and I hired her to do what she does best, help me expand through my style. Little did I know that through a three hour color analysis, staring at myself in the mirror, I was going to re-discover a part of me I’d happily left behind with my binge drinking days. 
I reunited with the early adult part of me that’s bold, courageous and confident, who wants to feel safe expressing herself not only through her style but also her voice. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed this part of myself! It’s inspired me to want to share more about my coaching work because it’s really transformative and I’m incredibly passionate and proud of it.
Big thanks to Alex for delighting me with her presence and helping me remember who I am.
A few months ago I invested into growing my inventory and I’m really proud of what my heritage handbag collection is looking like right now!
If you’ve purchased from me before or follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m really particular about quality. Everything is in nearly excellent condition for its age, style and material. I’ve been collecting and selling for over a decade and authenticate every piece myself based on my expertise. I stand behind every piece in my collection and want you to love your finds from my shop!
My absolute favorite designers are Chanel and Louis Vuitton for how timeless they are but I also have YSL, Gucci, Prada and Hermès finds at times. Classic handbags are worth the investment because they hold their value and some, like anything Chanel, will appreciate over time. 
San Diego Torrey Pines
Meet my best friend, Eryn! She lives in San Diego and I went down for a quick weekend to celebrate her birthday. Eryn is one of the people I love just being with, we leave space for deep presence and quiet. I think that’s how she gets her gift of intuition to come out to play! She can get to the bottom of anything in an instant and man do I benefit from that. 
We did all the things we love doing together like eating tacos, drinking lattes, cooking a healthy meal in, shopping, hiking and getting dressed up for a dinner out. And we also did a lot of chilling with her puppy Leo, pulling oracle cards, napping and drinking tea. The perfectly balanced weekend getaway if you ask me!

Other Noteworthy Things:

– I don’t love getting my nails done at the salon but have recently been enjoying painting them myself pretty much weekly with Olive & June polishes. I just placed a big order from some summer colors! They have so many to choose from.

– I re-listened to this podcast on the nervous system and shared it with a few clients. I’ve been working with a somatic based therapist focused on nervous system regulation and it’s been life changing. Such powerful stuff! If you enjoy it, there’s a good follow-up episode on his show too.

– I’ve mentioned oracle cards a few times and love this deck here. It’s so fun to light a candle, pull out some crystals and let your intuition take over for a bit.

– Many years later and I’m still loving these jewelry display cases to keep my personal collection organized and dust free. I like to keep the large size in my closet and the smaller one on my dresser with the pieces I wear most often. You can hang them on the wall but you don’t have to.

– If Lululemon align leggings are your go-tos like they are mine, have you tried the ribbed style yet? So so good! The chambray color is on my shopping list

– A shoutout to my favorite bag in my collection right now! The leather is so buttery and the color is the perfect pop to make any outfit unique. I’ll be wearing it until someone snags it!

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