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3 Pairs of Favorite Jeans

I’ve been rotating between wearing the Levi’s Ribcage and Wedgie jeans for years now and recently decided to try out some new brands and fits to add a little more variation in my closet. While I still adore the Levi’s Ribcage fit, I’ve realized that the slightly cropped wide leg doesn’t always look great with boots or sneakers. Two things that I wear a lot of in the city. 

So in pursuit of broadening my denim options, I ordered a bunch of jeans from Shopbop to try on. And just like it always seems to be with jeans shopping, I only found two pairs I loved out of a sea of many. So many were solid nos, not even worthy of sharing for opinions. But you bet I will be back for new washes in these three jeans for many seasons to come. For reference, I have a curvy 5’3″ frame, both in the front and the back, if you know what I mean! Because of that, I prefer heavier weight, structured denim over stretch because I think it hugs me in a bit more. I’m wearing a size 26 in all three styles here.

You’ll notice I like to tuck my shirts in often because I have a short torso and it gives me more definition with high rise fits like these. I’m not sure I’m ready to go back to mid and low rise jeans anytime soon! Also, I put together a try on reel video of these three jeans in action over on Instagram here

Levi's Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans in Ojai Up Wash

I just counted, I have exactly seven pairs of Levi’s Ribcage jeans. That sure tells you how much I love them! They hit at the most perfect length for those of us under 5’5″ and the wide leg balances out fitted tops and sweaters. They also look great dressed up with block heels. This particular wash, Ojai Up, is from last summer and sold out. This year’s version, Middle Road, is just as good!

The two things I love most about this pair of Citizens is the vintage wash, called Wynwood, and the length. They are PERFECT for boots and hightops. I wish I would have found these a few months ago to wear throughout the winter but I’m excited to be prepared for next year. Until then I will make sure to wash only in cold water and hang to dry! There’s sure something beautiful about straight jeans that make me look tall and lean. 

I saved the best for last! This pair of Agolde’s also has a straight leg and the slight crop is great for basically every and any shoe (other than boots). This is the Zepher wash and it’s by far and away even better than the photos online. They wear in really nicely without stretching out!