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March Love Letter

Vintage Chanel Navy Camera Bag styled with Gucci Scarf and White Poplin J.Crew Top and Marigold Margaux Slides

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email about my coaching business and a few people responded confused about the mix of vintage and personal development topics here, so I thought I’d kick this new monthly series of short stories off with a little re-introduction of myself. 

I’m Jillian and I’ve been committed to finding my own path after I left the corporate retail industry ten years ago. To say it’s been filled with both the highest of highs and lowest of lows is an understatement! And I love sharing it all with you. I’m passionate about fashion and empowerment and enjoy the challenge of expressing both of them. 

Most of you probably know me from my last company, Sweet & Spark. We had a charming online shop and two stores in California that we closed in 2021 after experiencing many operational challenges. Shortly there after, I pivoted into 1-on-1 business coaching to help other entrepreneurs start and grow their companies. It’s been so fulfilling to help others build trust in their unique gifts and learn how to translate them into value for others. 

All journeys can often times be lonely and frustrating and I personally find so much inspiration and support by connecting deeply with others who also have a growth mindset. I’ve come to realize that creating your dreams is all about building your own internal sense of security, something that’s always a work in progress! So, there’s no such thing as waiting until you’re perfect to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Just know that I’m here to help anytime you need some encouragement!

Vintage Gucci Baby Blue Floral Border Scarf
Vintage Gucci Scarf

After taking almost a year break from selling vintage, and wondering why I was so sad, I decided to start selling again last fall because I truly love sharing my joy with you! I for sure thought that you would have probably forgotten about me after the close of S&S but I’ve been blown away by your support over the last few months, thank you so much. It’s reminded me that the value we build doesn’t evaporate overnight even when the physical manifestations of things change. 

Making the decision to share and sell immediately helped me feel like bright myself again. I guess sometimes we have to have the opposite experience of something in-order to truly see the value in doing what we love. So nowadays I spend about half of my time coaching and the other half working on my vintage business. Right now I like the balance. 

If there is anything you’re specifically shopping for, or need a second opinion on, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.  And if you have any designer pieces that you’re looking to sell on consignment, please send me photos! While I own 99% of the pieces in my collection, I would love an opportunity to help find your special pieces a new life. 

A couple weeks ago, I spent 24 hours shopping with girlfriends at Antique Week in Rountop, Texas and am still feeling so lit up. It happens twice a year and there are over 100 venues filled with high end antiques, flea market vendors and small businesses selling new wares. It’s such a fun place for a girl’s trip! There’s more information on the show for you here.

The trip was exactly what I needed to realize how stuck I’ve gotten in my own home decor style. As soon as I got home, I took everything off my walls and shelves and sorted them into keep and sell piles. My apartment is starting to look like a blank canvas again and I like the feeling of possibility. I’m currently selling a bunch of things on Facebook Marketplace and then next on my list is to gather options for new furniture and decor. I like to collect and layer as I go versus redoing an entire room all at once so my style will always be a work in progress.

Speaking of home decor, have you seen the vintage vases, paintings, picture frames and figurines that I recently added to my collection for sale? Some are from Roundtop and others are things I’ve picked up over the years that I’m ready to part with. I love having a little mix like this sprinkled into the collection. I’d love to know what you think too!


My sister gave me this book for Christmas and even though I’d already read and loved it, I didn’t own a hard copy of it. I really enjoy taking notes in thought provoking books to really let the teachings sink in. And to be totally honest, it’s been the perfect time to re-read this one as financially, I’m just getting back to a steady baseline after the close of S&S. I feel like people don’t talk much about how much uncertainty and work there is to close a business on top of the grief that comes with it to process. It was a chapter that opened up a lot of compassion for myself and the challenging things we all go through. 

Vintage Gucci Abbey Pochette with Cream Lining
Vintage Gucci Pochette
Vintage Gucci Baby Blue Floral Border Scarf
Vintage Gucci Scarf

Now that I’m a soloprenuer again, I’m in the process of learning what my new capacity is for working on my shop without burning myself out. Last month I made an investment into doubling my collection and so far it’s feeling manageable and has expanded my options for creating content. If there’s one thing to know about what makes me happy, it’s that I like to get dressed and do something that feels like play every day! I’m dedicated to creating more structure around my work flow process in April and I will update you on how that goes. Until then, I hope you’re enjoying a taste of spring whenever you are!