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April 2023 Love Notes

San Francisco Superbloom
Happy super bloom from San Francisco! Man oh man is it lush around here and I’m fully delighting in the beauty of it on my daily walks around the neighborhood. I really truly do still love this city so much. 
This year started slowly for a lot of us, and especially for myself as I’ve been recovering from Lyme Disease (more on this later) and have been staying close to home focusing on all the self-care things. I’m so thankful to be getting my energy back and this past month has been so full of growth and flow personally.
Vintage pop-up with the Junior League of Palo Alto Bay Area
Authentic Power Workshop with Junior League of Palo Alto
Authentic Power Workshop with Junior League of Palo Alto
Aside from vintage and fashion, I’m so incredibly passionate about self-empowerment because I’ve struggled as an entrepreneur for the past decade with my deep desire to learn how to share my authentic self with the world.  While building my last company, I bet on my willpower for many years and it led me to burn out so I’ve had no other choice than to slow things down and start to trust my intuition more. 
I was so honored to both pop-up and host my first workshop on Authentic Power with the Junior League of Palo a few weeks ago. I’ve always had a fear of sharing my sensitive side in groups and this opportunity helped me to step into my own confidence with such an open community of women.
Our self-worth truly is the law of attraction! We will change the world by shifting our attention away from reacting to what’s happening around us to more intentionally cultivating the way we want to feel and respond in our lives. 
So, what is one small thing you can do today to feel the way you want to feel? I just took a break from writing this to have lunch and paint my nails and it sure made me feel loved.
Vintage Pop-up with Audrey Scheck Design
Audrey Scheck Design Pop-up in Austin Texas
Vintage Floral Print in Black frame with gold foil
Last weekend I went back to Texas for the second time this year, to visit my dear friend Audrey in Austin and do a vintage pop-up together with her new interior design company,  Audrey Scheck Design
Audrey discovered me on a blog when I first started Sweet & Spark as she was looking for a pair of vintage earrings for her wedding. I helped her find the perfect pair and also received an invite to her wedding! 
She hosted one of my very first pop-ups at her apartment in Los Angeles, inviting all of her friends and family to help create buzz for my new company, so this trip was so full circle to be able to experience her new business and be part of her quarterly pop-up magic! Hold those friends who encourage and remind you that everything is possible close.
Quilted Oversized YSL Tote
Gluten and Dairy Free Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake
Gluten and Dairy Free Blueberry Muffins with Crumble
I’m not normally someone that has a lot of scheduled events on the calendar but since this month was full for me, I made sure to carve out some downtime on the weekends just for me. 
I spent time spring cleaning my apartment, inspiration shopping downtown and baking some delicious gluten and dairy free treats from my favorite Danielle Walker cookbooks. You’ve got to try these blueberry crumble muffins! DM me on Instagram and I’ll send you a photo of the recipe. 
Also this YSL bag is sooo good, reminds me a bit of the Chanel Chocolate Bar Tote currently available in my collection.
Vintage Home Decor Collection for Sale
Vintage Pierre-Joseph Redouté Rose Prints from Bombay Company- set of 2
It took over a month for the matching Pierre-Joseph Redouté rose prints I found at Round-Top to arrive in the mail but I love them so much it was worth the wait! 
I hung them this weekend and will share more on my home decor updates next month. I’m still riding out that streak of inspiration to evolve my style! So last but not least if any of these vintage home decor pieces speak to you, most are still available for sale in my collection here

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