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As reflect on the last few weeks, I can see the healing efforts I’ve been committed to over the past few years start to pay off. I’ve dusted off my vision by allowing myself to play again without a purpose. I’m learning that’s exactly what my inner child needs to foster my creativity and help me feel most alive!

While I still have moments of frustration for being back at the starting line with a new business, this time I am able to welcome that energy and allow it to give me strength. Even though I’ve been an entrepreneur for a decade, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared of my own power.

It’s only recently that I’ve become conscious of that block and I think we are all scared of our own light to some degree. We were programmed to fit in, not stand out so it’s no surprise that it can take a lifetime to unravel our stories in order to meet our most authentic selves. Remember to be patient and kind to yourself throughout the process.

When we commit to the journey, we discover that we hold the power to be the authority in our own lives and therefore, have a lot to give to others. As we unblock old beliefs, and find our unique flow, life starts to feel rich often like it did back when we were young.

So, what might be fun for you to do this week with yourself? A museum date, an afternoon shopping, a solo lunch, researching a new topic, taking selfies of your outfits with a tripod, styling a vignette in your home, dancing to the beat of your own drum?

Whatever your heart desires, I challenge you to play.  That’s where some of your greatest insights are waiting to be unlocked.

xx, Jillian


Printed jackets elevate any basic look and the colors of this one are so warm and inviting. For $119, the quality is really lovely too.

I purchased this linen set from J.Crew to take on vacation to Florida next week! I love how comfortable it is. There’s also a skirt option that matches it.

I fell in love with this Chanel inspired blazer on & Other Stories. It’s black and white and will be in my closet for many years to come!

San Francisco summers are fairly chilly and this tweed blazer will be perfect for it. It’s appropriate in color yet, warm in weight.

The Alameda Antique Faire is the first Sunday of every month in the Bay Area and I go whenever I’m free. I don’t always come home with a treasure but this past week I did! I found the most adorable foot stool that perfectly matches the pink barrel chairs I found a few months ago. As I was reading in this nook the night before the faire, I was thinking to myself how much cozier it would be if I had a little foot stool and voila, the universe delivered first thing the next morning!


Today kicks off the Sephora Spring Sale for everyone! Everything is 10% off.

I’m a clean beauty gal and Beautycounter consultant so I purchase most of my skincare and make-up from there however, there are a few favorites in my collection that I purchase from Sephora and/or Credo Beauty. These are my current go-tos:




This is the month for release. I let the need to struggle go, welcoming in support and abundance from the life source that we all share. I no longer need to see before I believe. I hold the power to make my life up any way that I choose and I’m not going to be scared of it anymore. I let its warmth inspire my creative pursuits.