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Boncharge Infrared Sauna Blanket

Boncharge Infrared Sauna Blanket

I started treatment for Lyme disease in January 2023 and through doing research learned how beneficial infrared light is for detoxification which a huge part of recovering from Lyme. As the bacteria dies off from antibiotics it releases endotoxins which cause something called a Jarisch Herxheimer reaction, basically your body can get overloaded from the dead bacteria and can become sluggish, stiff and achy. I experienced this pretty severly for the entire time I was on antibiotics. I’m also someone who has a double mutation of MTHRF gene which means in general I just have slower detox pathways. 

So, you can imagine how pumped I was to add this infrared sauna blanket into my self care routine. While I was on antibiotics for 90 days, I used this 4-5x a week for the max amount of time which is 50 minutes. It took me a few weeks to get used to the heat (which you can adjust) but eventually I was able to tolerate it at the max temp for the max time. It definitely gets you sweaty but the blanket is easy to wipe down upon use. I used to go in nude because they promote that you can however I ended up with a few small third degree burns on my back, not from the blanket but from my sweat getting too hot. So now I go in with a light t-shirt and some sweatpants. 

I usually keep my arms tucked in it the whole time but sometimes I take them out for a relief from the heat! When I get out of it, I immediately have an LMNT electrolyte packet (my favorite is the Raspberry Salt) and use an ice roller on my face and neck. It feels so good! I usually use the blanket at night and I sleep so well after using it. 

Even though I’m feeling so much better, I still use it 2-3x a week. It helps my nervous system relax deeply and I like to do my To Be Magentic meditations in it with my headphones and an eye mask on. As I’ve been on my healing journey, this blanket has been something I look forward to as it helps my muscles relax and gets my blood circulating. 

Another thing I learned while working with my Naturopathic Doctor is that I have high heavy metals in my body probably because of my impaired detox pathways and everything else I have going on with Lyme and Hashimoto’s. So even as I continue to heal, I plan to use this regularly! I also want to try their red light facemask too. The girls at To Be Magnetic rave about it helping your face have a healthy glow and since I don’t plan to use botox as I age, I think this might be a nice alternative. To me it looks so relaxing and not as big of a commitment as going in the blanket is. Ten minutes is all you need!

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