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June 2023 Love Notes

As the fog rolls into San Francisco for the summer I’m ready to get out of town for some sun! I’ll be heading to NYC on a solo trip to celebrate my birthday and then am stopping in Buffalo to visit my family for a bit. I’m looking forward to enjoying a warm summer night on the patio! My requests while I’m home are sunset yoga, star gazing with s’mores, a classic vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, watermelon, corn on the cob and a hotdog. 
I spent the month of June close to home continuing to nurture my health as I make the final push to recover from Lyme Disease. It’s been six months since I started a 90 day antibiotic treatment for it and while I’ve made drastic improvements energy wise, I’m still dealing with a lot of inflammation and therefore a lack of stamina. I’ve been working with a naturopath, Dr. Dara Thompson who I highly recommend, to help me get to the root cause of my autoimmune thyroid disorder and Lyme was one of the big things we uncovered through a slew of tests. 
Since I had time this month, I documented my health journey with both Hashimoto’s and Lyme on my website. My hope is for anyone else going through health challenges to know that you are never alone, love yourself up as much as you can. 
Small office "Cloffice" inspiration with books, desk, vintage bureau and vision board
Vintage Murano Glass Green & Gold Dish
Vintage Cane French Dining Room Chair
Vintage Orrefors Sweden Crystal Vase and Candle Holder
Every first Sunday of the month there’s a good chance of running into me at The Alameda Flea! When I’m not scouring the web for vintage, I’m either thumbing through old home decor coffee table books looking for inspiration or shopping on foot somewhere. Vintage glassware and furniture have piqued my interest recently. I added a few vintage Orrefors Sweden crystal pieces to my collection along with a darling Murano glass dish that’s just too perfect for a stick of palo santo.
This month I invested a lot of energy into tidying up my “cloffice” and making it feel more grounded so that it reflects more of the direction I want to go in. I found this heavy estate bureau on Facebook Marketplace and I swear it fell right off of my updated vision board! Proof that time spent dreaming and feeling good will always be well worth it. 
I onboarded 3 new coaching clients this month! I recently started working with lifestyle influencer Ashley Kane who is one of my biggest expanders; I admire her creative process, relaxed California aesthetic and mindful approach to living. She wrote the loveliest note about working with me on her blog which has inspired me to continue to respect my own light, hence why I’m even sharing this sentiment! 
I get so much energy from working with passionate people following their dreams. A lot of the work I do with clients is helping them identify and clear blocks. Honoring our light is a choice and we can only do that by understanding and holding our darkness with compassion. We all have a unique flavor of beliefs holding us back from feeling the way we want to feel doing the things we want to do. 
In Vienna Pharaon’s new book The Origins Of You, she talks about how as a therapist, she’s discovered the five core wounds of humanity to be centered around worthiness, safety, trust, prioritization and belonging. Bringing awareness, understanding and normalization to them is the ticket to freedom. 
Books like the ones I read above this month, help me understand how to transmute darkness into light so that I can support clients (and myself) in doing the same. I read somewhere recently that the gift of the ego is help us see who we really are by helping us first understand what we’re not. I want every one to know that big feels and fucking up is a normal part of the process and means nothing about who you really are!
Vintage Red Chanel Camera Bag and Classic Outfit
Took this Chanel Camera Bag from the mid 90s out for an early birthday celebration! I’ve always wanted a red Chanel bag and this one is in textured caviar leather which wasn’t commonly used until the 2000s. I’m proud of how my vintage collection has been looking thanks to a few consignment opportunities that have helped make that happen. If you have designer vintage pieces you want to find new homes for, please let me know by responding to this email or sending me a note on Instagram.  
I also want to say how much I’m enjoying the depth of the conversations I’m having with this community in comments and DMs on Instagram. Everything from health, to inspiring one another with encouraging thoughts and feedback, plus sharing in our love for vintage, I’m beyond grateful to see my efforts toward being more open reflected back to me. What you give always comes back to you tenfold I see!
You may have already seen the new section I added on my site called Latest Finds. Once you’re there you can toggle between a few sections labeled Latest Finds, In My Closet, At Home, Vintage & Designer. 
Basically these pages are virtual mood boards that help me keep track of what catches my eye as I decide what to purchase, style and share. What I’ve learned about my creative process is that I need to thumb through a lot of options and bookmark what I love in order to see the natural themes I’ve gathered to envision how they could work together. 
I think you’ll want to bookmark the vintage page as there are so many good finds I see out there shopping for my collection that don’t make sense for me to buy and sell margin wise. Everything I share is vetted for quality & authenticity but you always want to double check the details in the product listings too. I’ll be updating the pages weekly and share in emails as I do so you can stay tuned that way too!


– Had to re-order my favorite body lotion. The scent reminds me summer and feels so luxurious to use daily. Such a treat!

– Anyone else doing the TBM Magnetic Self Challenge? Would love to hear how it’s going for you. DM me on IG and let’s swap stories!

– I treated myself to the Damier Azur Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote in my collection to celebrate how far I’ve come getting my new businesses off the ground. But this one is available and in great condition; a no brainer way to save money over buying new!

These coasters have been such a treat to delight in looking at on my desk while I chat with clients or work on my website. Also, so does this hand cream.

– You probably notice I wear this shoe brand all the time, they just started their annual archive sale and there’s so many good styles in it. I scooped these up yesterday!

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