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My Vintage Gold Rings

Vintage gold rings- heart and diamonds band and cigar ring with raised diamond flower

In all of my years collecting and selling vintage, fine jewelry hasn’t been a category that I spent much time shopping. There’s so much to peruse in the world of vintage that I kept my eyes on the prize buying for the Sweet & Spark collection of costume jewelry and designer accessories. We’d often consider selling fine jewelry but knew that it would require quite an investment in both money and time to learn about gold, gemstones and diamonds. Sadly we just didn’t have the resources to explore the desires at that time.

Once the business closed, I took an entire year off from selling and spent time vintage shopping just for myself. I had just started selling again in a small way when I decided to go to one of my favorite antique fairs in Florida with my dad called Mt. Dora Extravaganza. Vintage hunting is something we loved to do together in the early years of Sweet & Spark. My dad is the one who started teaching me about the industry at the age of 8! Going to the show last Fall was like being back at the beginning again, open to the possibility of building something fresh.

With a widened perspective, and new slower pace, I found myself stopping at the fine jewelry booths I used to buzz right past. I didn’t know much about fine jewelry but I knew I loved the thick cigar band ring with the raised diamond floral design that was calling my name from the locked case. It was the first solid gold ring I’d ever shopped in my life and it was a hell yes. Not that I was planning to splurge on myself but it wasn’t even an option for me to pass on. When you know something is meant for you, you know.

It wasn’t until I got back to California, painted my nails and shared it on Instagram that a follower wrote me the most thoughtful note saying that she’d been following my story over the past year and that the ring was a symbol of my growth, of blooming again. It really touched me and made me think about how powerful the meaning behind special things really is. Especially jewelry that we can wear and see often. Even better in my opinion when it’s a treat to yourself. From that moment onwards, I was committed to learning about fine jewelry and offering super special pieces in my collection.

As I’ve been shopping for rings, earrings and necklaces to sell, I came across the heart and diamond band that was so sweet. I instantly purchased it but it wasn’t until I received it that I decided to keep it. Again wasn’t planning to treat myself but it fit perfectly and lit my gut up! The past year I’ve been learning how to love myself unconditionally and this reminded me of the journey I’ve been on. It’s become a symbol that I do love myself. Anytime I’m feeling doubt, I look at the ring and feel empowered to care for myself.

I would love to hear some of the stories behind the special pieces you have collected! I think it would help us all remember how deserving we are of meaningful things. 


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