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July 2023 Love Notes

The Met Summer in NYC Outfit
A solo birthday trip to New York City last month set the tone for an expansive couple of weeks.
When I heard that there was going to be a Karl Lagerfeld, who was the creative director of Chanel, exhibit at The Met Museum through July, I knew I had to go see it. It felt frivolous to treat myself to a solo trip just for fun but I did it anyway. After a spending the past year getting my two new businesses off the ground and healing from Lyme and my autoimmune thyroid disorder Hashimoto’s, fear is no longer a mindset I want to give my attention to. This trip was a gift to myself to remind me of what we’re all made of, choice.
I spent 48 hours in the city, which was the perfect amount of time to do what I set out to do, which involved wearing things I don’t normally wear (because anything goes in NYC!), dining solo at the bar at The Smith, visiting the museum, luxury inspiration shopping down Madison Ave, regular shopping down 5th Ave, a scoop of dairy free Van Leeuwen ice cream and a three course birthday dinner at abcV followed by live music at my favorite bar in the Lower East Side.
From there I headed to visit my family in my small hometown outside of Buffalo. The best part of the entire trip is that my sister and her pup surprised me there to keep the birthday celebrations going! You really can’t beat the vibe of a Western New York summer, it makes me question my entire life every time I leave. I’m working on accepting the reality that I am and love many different things. I love my family dearly and I also love my life in California.
The morning of my birthday I woke up and decided that it’s going to be a good year. I popped on a pre-recorded mini Akashic record reading and the themes were about self-love, being seen in my light and letting it pour out of me. My mind tried to make sense of how I could do this but what I didn’t realize until a few weeks later, was that my heart had already been doing it and it was now time to receive.  
They say what you give always comes back to you tenfold. My client Ashley Kane, who is a lifestyle influencer, shared a vulnerable story about working with me and the big breakthrough she’s had and what felt like overnight, my coaching business doubled. I’m still in shock but also not really because, I know this is how it works. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else does, so then when you do expand, you can actually hold the admiration and praise without doubting it. It’s been the best gift I never saw coming! I am so deeply touched by her openness and generosity. It makes me want to keep giving more and more. 
The past few weeks have been expansive in so many ways. At first I was nervous about having enough energy to give to so many others, especially as I’m still on medications for immune system recovery and knowing that my inner child needs moments of deep presence with me, but at the end of each week, I continue to find myself energized by helping people feel more empowered in their lives and businesses. The say the universe doesn’t ever give you more than you can handle!
My purpose continues to become more clear, to help free people of their limiting beliefs so they can be the creators of their lives. The freedom to be entirely uniquely you, is what I stand for!
Thanks to the continued support from Ashley, and all of the kind words people have shared on social about working with me, I decided to introduce a new offering. It’s a one session, 90 minute reading of your Human Design, Gene Keys and Enneagram charts. It’s perfect for anyone looking for some clarity on their unique intangible gifts and purpose in this lifetime. I’ve done 12 of them so far, in addition to doing them for all of my clients, and they’ve been empowering people to love themselves unconditionally and go after their dreams. No better feeling than that!
Bookmark this link to schedule a reading with me anytime. It would also be a wonderful gift idea too! During our 90 minutes together, I will explain each of the systems, and then read the parts of your chart that are most applicable to what’s currently going on in your life that you’re looking for clarity on. We will have discussions together as we go and at the end I will leave you with a list of resources for further exploration on your own. After a few weeks of contemplating and integrating what we’ve dug up, I have also introduced a 90 minute follow-up offering to go deeper.
My favorite part of these readings, is diving into the unknown with you trusting how beautiful it will be to witness the divine already being reflected in your life and where it’s inviting you to go next!

Have you seen Barbie yet? I absolutely loved it! Since she sports a few Chanel pieces, I was inspired this month to do a round up of rare Chanel finds inspired by the new movie. On top of that, below are a few pieces currently available for sale in my collection that could fit right in! One of the things I love most about Chanel, and fashion in general, is the touch of imagination it can bring to reality. 

In the spirit of giving, I love to support small businesses regardless if they’re my clients or not. 
I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for eleven years now and know how much every single sale means to the owner of a small company. With the costs of everything going up, businesses have extra pressure right now to be creative with less. It’s a hard feat to stay committed to and it all comes down to believing in what you’re doing and why. Sales help reflect that love back to you.
This white poplin dress is from my friend Julia’s company, Parterre, and I love the fitted bodice and beautiful neckline. It’s the perfect canvas for accessories and San Francisco Indian Summers. I styled it with this gorgeous Chanel silk scarf and rare Coach bag and then took my tripod around the corner to snap this photo! 
Speaking of dresses, my dear friend Megan, who I met in the Gap Inc. training program after college, recently launched a clothing company with her twin sisters called Dawson The Label. She has a lot of experience in production and I really appreciate the quality of the dress that I got. It’s a timeless silhouette and the color is so beautiful!


– Upgraded my make-up tote with some recommended shades that match the season’s colors that I look best in, winter (traditional neutrals, jewel tones, icy pastels and deep saturated colors). I’m now obsessed with this burgundy lip gloss and bright pink blush. Also, while I was out I restocked the best concealer.

– If I had to pick one thing in my vintage collection to gift to myself it would be this. What would you pick?

– I’ve had my nose in this book recently, expanding my knowledge of Human Design. It’s giving me permission to step further into my authenticity too! And is helping me see what types of connection are the best fit for me.

– What do we think about one shoulder tops? I’m thinking of trying one to workout in and also one to wear out on the town.

– Recently added this chambray button down to my closet. I love that it isn’t too casual and can be dressed up a bit. Runs big, I got the XS.

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