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Bon Charge Infrared Light Mask

Bon Charge Red Light Face Mask

I love my Bon Charge infrared sauna blanket so I recently decided to invest in the face mask. I’ve been using it when I’m in the blanket for about 30 minutes a couple times a week. It’s so easy to use and it has wonderful benefits for your skin.

Most noticeably, it’s evened out my skin tone. Taking down some redness in my cheeks and overall giving me a brighter complexion which I’ll take given that I’m still in the healing process from Lyme disease. I have a lot of internal inflammation going on and while it’s probably not visible to other people, I know that both my face and eyes are a little puffier than normal. Lots of acceptance for right where I’m at and how far I’ve come. I’ve also been using my Gua Sha tool regularly which is helping with drainage. 

By the way, the red light is not hot so the mask is comfortable to wear. My only complaint is that the rubber eye pieces leave marks on my face that take at least an hour to go away. Which is fine, I just make sure not to do it before I have a hot date!

It also doesn’t need to be plugged in when you’re wearing it so if you’re busy you can walk around with it on and do your normal household things doing the dishes. The settings also allow you to set the time between 10-30 minutes as well as the frequency of the light.

The Bon Charge team is so kindly offering 15% off your purchase with code: JILLIANBREMER at checkout using this link here. Enjoy!

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